I always seem to have a list of about 5 things that I "should" do, but have such resistance to doing them, that I keep putting them off. This week it was paying a parking ticket, cleaning my car, and starting my day with a run instead of a good strong cup of decaf coffee and a cliff bar. Even though each of these things will, essentially improve the quality of my life......I just don't feel like doing them and I've got enough things to do to justify putting them off.

What I've come to realize however, is that by putting tasks like these off, over time they start to drain my energy. Our energy is everything and affects us in soooo many ways. whether I wake up full of energy or completely depleted and have to drag myself out of bed, definitely sets the tone for the day. If I Pass someone in the street and they have a negative cruel energy going on, I feel it and immediately have the need to clear myself. Not everybody may be that empathic but we all recognize what it feels like to be around someone that makes us feel good. That feeling when you meet someone for the first time and think "wow this person awesome" Or the feeling when we meet someone  and really can't wait to get out of their space because they're draining as hell. Different people's houses have different energy. You may like to go to some friends houses but others, you would rather have come to yours. If you haven't noticed these things before,it could be interesting to start.

Back to the list. When I have things lingering in the back of my mind, they drain me in very subtle ways. I start with my negative self talk. "I really SHOULD do that today. And when I don't, I start to feel bad. I feel guilty for not being "Miss" on top of everything. I feel lame for not doing something that could take, in some cases 5 min. I feel childish because part of my resistance is rebellion against myself. And I feel unworthy for not having better willpower. So now all of a sudden I have a lot of negativity running through me which unconsciously affects me as I'm going about my day. I may feel more irritable, have less self confidence and a desire to be unproductive as weird as that may seem. It's draining....

What do I do about it? I pick one thing to do each day and I do it. If I say to myself, I'm going to get everything done, I may or may not. (probably not) But one thing, that I can handle.This boosts my flow of positive energy because now I feel a sense of accomplishment. It uplifts me and that good feeling will seep into the rest of my day.

If you have other ways to deal with procrastination that work well for you, I'd love to hear them! 


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