I have been a student of Kari Toft for approximately a year and have taken Energy Healing 101/102 and the Craniosacral Therapy courses she offers. In my time learning from Kari I have come to better understand the complexity and interconnectedness of the mind, body and soul, which guides my personal development and interpersonal flexibility tremendously. She provides students with a warm, welcoming, open and fun environment from her home that is safe and free from judgement and she encourages students to follow their intuition in collaboration with protocols, which was a very welcome change from previous learning experiences. In class, she prioritizes hands-on learning, with assistance, and actively facilitates to the classes needs, and her small class sizes create a positive atmosphere for learning. Furthermore, Kari promotes learning outside of class by being available for questions and by offering refresher classes before a proceeding level. Although the material of the Craniosacral Therapy courses can be challenging, Kari’s dedication to the craft and understanding of learning makes it easy to follow along to and remember the material, and her passion for helping others and furthering her skills is seen through her understanding of consciousness, biodynamics and healthy healing. Since working together, she has become my mentor and friend, and I always look forward to learning new material with her. It would be a privilege to work with her in the future.-

Alana Jade, Vancouver, BC

Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki Sessions received from Kari Toft

Kari Toft I am eternally grateful for the Craniosacral therapy and Reiki you practiced on my young child ( 8 years old ) and on myself  I noticed a distinct difference in my child's well being , behavior and attitude . The sessions really helped with sleep issues including night terrors and night mares which stopped ; anxiety ; concentration and gave him a general confidence and sense of well being. Thank you Kari, theses changes had a huge impact on our lives. My sessions helped me address emotional and mental traumas that had left me depressed, angry, bitter, insecure , emotionally cold and isolated. Kari completely changed my energy  and my life , releasing all the emotional blockages , helping me make peace with past issues . I felt emotionally cleansed, open, optimistic, happy and full of love and forgiveness . The feeling was of a huge weight being taken away from me and of re birth , I felt younger as if I had traveled back in time and dug out the old me before I became laden down with emotional baggage. 

I can not even imagine how miserable my life would be now if Kari had not healed me . Thank you again Kari . 

More recently again Kari thank you for bringing my attention to an issue that was troubling me through Distance Craniosacral and helping me realize I needed to address it , I have done this and again I now feel less stressed and much happier. 

June Dawson. London England

Kari's healing sessions have helped me so much over these past years. From sciatica pain to hormonal imbalances to releasing old trauma... she always brings me relief and insight no matter what is going on. I feel very comfortable working with Kari also .. She is kind, compassionate, genuine and incredibly intuitive. I would highly recommend Kari to anyone looking for a gifted intuitive healer...I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Thank you for all of the help and support Kari! I am so grateful to know that I can turn to you whenever I need some guidance and healing.

Brandy Bali, Indonesia

I've seen Kari a few times now. I work at a computer all day because of that I started to have back pain.I decided to see her and after two sessions my back pain was released. Also, I saw her for a card reading and OMG, she's very good! I strongly recommend anybody to see her, she's the best! 

Chris B. Vancouver,BC

My son came into this world 3 weeks early via an emergency caesarian. I was trying to navigate through my own postpartum as a single parent and my little one was not breastfeeding yet. It was at this time that we had the opportunity to meet Kari. She came into my home, gently took my son in her arms and walked me through the work that she was doing with him. I'm certain my boy fell in love with her immediately. I felt instantly safe and supported in her presence and can't say how important this was to me during those tough days. Through the following weeks I noticed my wee one had more range of motion in his neck, he seemed far more settled and became a happily breastfed baby. Kari is a remarkable woman and the impact she made on my tiny family will stay with us forever.

Sheena E. Vancouver, BC

I have been working with the cranial practitioner Kari Toft for six years. Her ability to support me after a traumatic bike accident, as well as to find a gentle body based modality to grieve the death of my mother and the insomnia and anxiety that arose from her death is exceptional. Kari works in both a very practical and intuitive manner, offering a supportive, respectful pathway to healing body pain both emotionally and physically. She has the capacity to really move towards my body in a mindful manner that is encouraging with a steady intention. I would highly recommend her as a bodywork practitioner to individuals of all ages, with any body based or emotional trauma. I have benefited so much! My sleep, health and wellbeing are greatly improved and I feel far more in my body in a healthy attuned way. Thank you Kari!

Lana M., CC, RYT  Vancouver, BC

I had no expectations going for my initial appointment but I noticed a difference right away. Each treatment is unique and my body responds depending on how I am at any given time but the end result is that I feel better. Kari exudes warmth sincerity and professionalism. Her gentle manner and caring approach allowed me to feel comfortable and confident during my sessions. I always leave with a sense of peacefulness and well-being. I feel balanced calm and settled. Kari has a special gift and she is a natural at her practice. I would recommend trying these wonderful treatments to anyone at any age or stage of your life. Do yourself a favour and book an appointment you will not regret it.

Joan S Vancouver, BC

I have been receiving healing sessions with Kari, both in person and for distance healing. In the distance healing sessions, I lie in my bed quietly, while Kari does her work, 2,000 miles away. It feels like she is right there. My distant healings have been very powerful to help me shift out of stuck spots in my life, I feel light weight and like a burden has been lifted and they assist in 'letting go'. I have felt organs shifting and also my outlook on life. The healings have been so beneficial to my health, there are so many things to list. I would and have highly recommended Kari to anyone looking to heal.

Amanda M.  Peoria, Illinois